Jennings Brewery

Derrick Lin


Creative agency: Butcher & Gundersen
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: London, UK

Butcher & Gundersen have designed a new brand identity for Jennings Brewery, including label and pump clip designs for their four core ales, celebrating its Lake District heritage.

Jennings have been long established at the Castle Brewery in Cockermouth and this is now reflected in the brewery’s new identity, with a stylised castle logo and distinctive shape that holds both the labels and pump clips together.

The new holding shape allows for each of the four core ales, all of which have an individual story to tell, to carry its own unique personality, with vibrant colours, a quirky look and contemporary edge. The ales are also very different in both style and colour – a Bitter, Golden Ale, Pale Ale and Dark Ale – so a colour wheel has been introduced into the front labels to help customers quickly identify the type of product when choosing their drink.

“We are proud of our traditions here at Jennings, where the real art is in the brewing itself… however, we felt that a new creative approach was needed to reflect the perceptions and associations with Jennings, whilst giving it a more contemporary edge to appeal to a wider audience. We were keen to incorporate imagery that showcased the spirit, vibrancy and fun of life in the Lake District and are delighted with the new design.” said Gaynor Green, Marketing Manager for Marston’s Brewing Company.

Zeffy Dougekou, Creative Director at Butcher & Gundersen added: “It was a tough brief to create a new look & feel that allowed for each of the ales to have its own personality, whilst holding together as a range, as well as reinforcing the ‘Explore More’ theme of the brewery, but I’m really pleased with the result and feel that we have done justice to a historic and long established brand. We have retained the heritage that is associated with the Jennings Brewery, but at the same time added more personality to each product, particularly in reflecting the Lake District and quirky stories behind Sneck Lifter and Cocker Hoop.”