Holy Cow Dairy (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Benjamin Kranzusch
Photos: Thorwald Hoffmann
Location: Dortmund / Germany
Project Type: Student Project

“Holy Cow Dairy” is a student project, I did for “Fachhochschule- Design- Dortmund”. The task was to create four dairy products for a fictitious company, which I called “Holy Cow”. I decided to design four milk-packages (banana, honey, strawberry and hazelnut), which should stand out from other milk-packages in the refrigerated-section. Each package has a balanced and dynamic illustration on its front, that refer to its flavour.

The milk-packages were laser cut on coloured cardboard. Finally the label and inscription were silkscreen-printed on the cardboard pieces.

The Unique Points Of The Packaging: Every flavor features its own character and specific color. The symmetrical shapes were laser cut out, to allow a view at the inside.