Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Reynhard. Communication Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cerchio
Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Packaging Material: Pouches

Ode To The Coffee Stain: Cerchio Coffee Packaging

This packaging design is an ode to the coffee stain and the “World of coffee”. In a way, the shape of coffee stains seem quite similar to our planet viewed from out of space, with the sun popping up behind it. Spacyness and classic coffee branding combined in a contemporary packaging design. Every kind of coffee has its own coffee-stain and matching colour to label a wide range of blends. It’s an endless source of beautifull randomly generated shapes ready to be used in future blends.

The Unique Points Of The Packaging:
The Graphics of the Packaging Design is special, the packaging itself (shape etc.) isn’t. The design plays an ode to the coffee stain coffee-cups and mugs leave on tables. The stains are elegantly re-used to label the different blends.