Hennessy XO Limited Edition

Derrick Lin


Agency: Appartement 103 – Brand Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: LVMH, Hennessy XO
Location: Paris, France

Cognac Hennessy XO celebrates the end of season with a refined Limited Edition designed by Appartement 103.

After a successful collaboration with the Traveller’s Exclusive Limited edition, Hennessy’s House challenged the boutique branding and packaging design agency Appartement 103 to create an inspiring yet desirable limited edition that would sublime and modernize this iconic brand during the end of season festivities.

Beyond a beautiful and an eye-catching limited edition, the success of this project rested on a true brand story, resonating the consumers with the brand’s history and core values. Appartement 103 worked closely with Hennessy’s brand team by exploring their archive, only to discover what would be an inspiring starting point to create this end of year Limited Edition, shining on shelves as an ambassador of the Hennessy XO brand.

“Hennessy XO is unique and represents on its own the history of the emblematic and charismatic Hennessy House. The abbreviation ‘XO’, in which stands for eXtra Old, has been converted into a festive pattern, as an ambassador of the historic and pioneer know-how. It’s a tribute to its visionary founder, Maurice Hennessy, who is behind the origin of the ‘XO’ term in 1870, now used by all Cognac’s brands” says Julien Zylbermann, Appartement 103’s Creative Director.

“The gift box consists of a modern yet abstract graphic play of “X” and “O” letters, that combined with a high level of refinement, paper textures, embossing, gold hot foil, and depth of dark brown, enhances the celebrating spirit. The interior is vibrant, played with shiny and mat gold effects, showcasing the bottle like a treasure in a festive, yet controlled manner.” – says Marc Savary, Appartement 103’s Creative Director.

The project was a team effort, carefully developed by Appartement 103’ creative team, integrating story telling, primary and secondary packaging design as well as all other communication elements such as key visual, merchandising elements, podium and window displays.