Enjoy Drinks (Student Project)



Agency: Eva-Heidi Lindberg
Project Type: Student Project
School: Brobygrafiska
Location: Sunne (Wermland), Sweden
Packaging Material: Glass

Enjoy – The classic taste of timeless essence

Enjoy’s drink takes you back to the feeling of luxury and 1920s. The timeless bottle blends well both into the interior, your outfit and as an accessory. While you never need to feel embarrassed walking around with it in the city. Take a minute and enjoy the classic taste of timeless essence.

School assignment: Packaging and brand design for a non existing juice brand for adults. Enjoy is a non-carbonated drink and consists of three flavors, orange, strawberry and kiwi-lime. Target audience for the work is 30 to 65 years. What is common to them is that they have a sound financial standing, independent and trend conscious.

What’s Unique:
The classic, timeless and minimalistic design. Location of the production is not specified by a city, instead the location is set to the coordinates.
Label is a matte paper, with a nice wavy discreet structure.