Legurmê Puro Sabor

Derrick Lin


Agency: IndustriaHED™
Designer: Eduardo Andrade
Client: Legurmê Puro Sabor
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Project Type: Commercial Work

Legurmê is a gourmet antipasti brand created by IndustriaHED, a creative and branding consulting studio based in southern Brazil. The name Legurmê is a mix of two words, “Legumes” Portuguese word for Vegetables and “Gourmet”, a cultural ideal associated with the culinary arts, word with the letter “t” mute and “Puro Sabor” that means pure taste or pure flavour. The modern craft brand targets young consumers with busy routines that seek high quality and convenient products. The colors differ the flavours of each antipasti, forming a collection of harmonious labels.