Unruh Beer Labels (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Annie Unruh
Project Type: Student Project
School: Chapman University
Course: Advanced Typography
Tutor: Dave Matea
Location: Orange, CA, USA
Packaging Materials: Glossy paper, metallic ink

Unruh Brewing Company gets its heritage from the Unruh family. The package design is inspired by the patriarch of the family, Jack, who was a chemical engineer for years. Using this as the starting point, different chemical compounds in beer were used to illustrate each variety of beer. Humulone, a chemical in hops, was used on the pale ale because of its hoppy flavor. The stout featured maltoriose, a chemical present in malt. The brown ale features a chemical compound from barley. The labels also feature metallic inks that are eye catching, and correspond to the color of each variety of beer.

What’s Unique?
Unruh Beer Label focuses on the chemical elements in beer and its science. This differentiates it from other beers because of the brand’s take on the product.