Black Wolf Brewery Craft Beer

Derrick Lin


Agency: Tayburn
Illustrator: Alex G Griffiths
Client: Black Wolf Brewery
Packaging content: Beer
Location: UK

Old Wolves…new tricks

Black Wolf Brewery’s new craft beers are brewed the traditional way but with a twist. Contemporary, surprising and full of exciting flavours… truly a feast for mind and belly alike.

  1. Bright and stylish, nice color combinations, and a beautiful palette of warm and cold tones together. And while the focus is in the commitment of supporting beans strictly from farms owned by women, I did not feel that the theme engendered this. Just very fresh and young.

    Smart choice to place the barcode at the bottom and utilise the other spaces for more important information. The handmade touch (handwritten roasted date info) gives a greater sense of carefully handcrafted coffee.

Derrick Lin

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