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Derrick Lin


Agency: Kollor
Project Type: Commercial Work
Packaging content: Ketchup, tomato marmalade and BBQ sauce
Location: Sweden

Vikentomater was founded in 1964 by Gunnel and Kjell Olofsson. They grow 83 different varieties of tomatoes, from the smallest to the largest, red, yellow, striped and green, in the 10,000 square meter greenhouse. Vikentomater tomatoes are served at some of Swedens finest restaurants and sold in all major grocery stores.

The relation between Vikentomater and Kollor began in early 2011. Kollor is responsible for all visual communication and marketing strategy, both internal and external. For the 2014 season Vikentomater are launching its own product line of ketchup, tomato marmalade and BBQ sauce.