Form + Matter Natural and Organic Face Care System

Derrick Lin


Designed by Form + Matter in-house creative
Designer: Shawn Weiland
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: San Francisco, CA
Packaging Contents: Skin Care
Packaging Materials: Amber Glass Bottles with Aluminum Caps and White Screen-print Labels

Form + matter offers natural and organic face and skin care products. Their objective is to formulate the best face care and skin products in the world using the finest plant based botanical ingredients which promote healthy skin.

They believe that all of the products you use on your skin should be healthy and so they have developed 8 natural face care products to cleanse, exfoliate, heal, hydrate and protect your face.

As the designer, our job was to create a packaging design which was consistent with the minimal visuals of the brand. The amber glass bottles were chosen because the amber glass is one of the best materials to use to protect the natural ingredients in the formulas. The simple white type design was designed to contrast against the dark bottle color while still being consistent with the minimal aesthetic which the brand was after.

Designed and formulated in California.

What’s unique?
The overall goal was to create a family of products that seamlessly related to each other while still having an individual identity.