Qian`s Gift Maotai-flavor Styles

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Agency: Pesign Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: ShenZhen, China
Packaging Contents: Beverages
Packaging Materials: Glass Bottle

Pesign intention is to low down the cost and be pro environment to the largest degree.

This design doesn’t need separate external package, the bottle neck is sealed with beeswax to prevent wine from spilling out. While the logo adopts Chinese traditional red color, it represents enthusiasm which is just the character of this wine. The images on the logo explains the whole process from collecting raw materials to distillation, then packed into bottles for sale in market. Customers can feel how hard it is to get the wine while tasting it.

The rapid economical development poses serious waste of resources in China, especially in the wine packaging industry. Chinese wine companies rely too much on packaging to improve the product value. For example, the cost of packaging will account for more than 60% of the product itself. More seriously it is not environmentally friendly as the packaging is decorated with a large number of chemical components, and causes serious deforestation. After drinking the wine, customers will throw the expensive and unrecyclable packages away, this causes not only bad pollution but also huge waste of resources.