Agency: Brandimage
Illustrator, hand typography: Mathew Allen
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Campbell’s
Location: Chicago, IL USA
Packaging Contents: Natural Energy Drink

V8 wished to expand beyond the shelf stable juice aisle and enter the already crowded energy drink category.

The objective: While staying true to the V8 character, develop distinct packaging that demonstrates +Energy’s point of difference- a healthier alternative to other energy drinks from a trusted brand that really does taste good. +Energy needs to feel like a better option for consumers who are looking to stay healthy while getting a boost of energy.

Brandimage created a design that disrupts the shelf with a unique visual brand language. It quickly demonstrates health credentials through engaging typography, that it’s energy comes from green tea through an iconic tea leaf with ribbons communicating the message, and the fruit forward taste through color and illustration (other energy drinks taste medicinal) .

The design captures the V8 personality: vibrant, clever, confident with a zest for life. It tells the full story in an inspiring, confident way using the full 360 degree can and an arrow that suggests energy to get you through your day.

What’s Unique?
Breaking from traditional aluminum can design, The entire design (including all typography) are hand drawn drawn