Kirkland Signature Redesign (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designers: Frida Thomsen, Megan Kearney, Huy A. Tran, Hoimei Lin, Yejoo Kwon
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Course: Packaging 4
Tutor: Michael Osborne
Location: San Francisco, USA
Packaging Contents: Deli, Superfood, Juice, Milk, Vitamins, Chocolate, Productivity, Kitchen, Tea, Coffee, Men’s Grooming, Cocktail Mixers

How can we get today’s younger crowd to start shopping more frequently at Costco? Our challenge was to redesign their in house brand Kirkland, as well as create new private stand alone brands for Costco. We had to think of reasons why millennials today don’t shop in bulk, and we had to research and observe their behaviors and habits to try to find a solution, that would allow Costco to attract more diverse consumers.

As a group, we decided to target the millennials with an efficient, modern and clean look. Millennials today are super aware about the environment, and up to date with the latest trends when it comes to healthy products and lifestyles. What Costco is lacking at the moment is something trendy and fresh that could grab the younger crowds attention. The packaging design or products have to stand out from the basic packaging design that we usually see in today’s wholesales, or millennials will simply just ignore it. Not only should it have a fresh and modern look, it should feel fresh and modern. As most of the millennials today live a healthy lifestyle with super foods, and products that contains no artificial colors, or flavors, our goal was to highlight “special” and unique products, to win over their trust with not only strong packaging design, but also with a promise that our products are all natural and organic.

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