Macdo Tomato And Chilli Sauce (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Brands and Code Uganda ltd
Project Type: Concept
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Packaging Contents: Tomato and chilli sauce
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Macdo sauce Uganda ltd is one of the leading ketchup companies in Uganda with different sizes of packs.

Ugandans are groovy, playful, people of colour and really love wearing patterns; a discovery through our studies at Brands and Code.

When a Ugandan family or university student needs sauce they need it for a party or a real meaty feast with friends and family. Chilli and tomato sauces are one of those food products that are only bought at the time they are needed a reason why Macdo produces really small sachets. To come up with a package that can catch a student/family head on the shelf and still communicate the taste and great use of the sauce we combined a couple of things we thought would do that in this concept; Groovy savanna illustrations of the flavours(main ingredients), descriptive copy of use yet playful and summed up with groovy shapes forming the kitenge patterns.

What’s Unique?
Groovy savanna illustrations of the flavours(TOMATO AND CHILL) with groovy shapes for tomato and blazing flames for chilli.