Derrick Lin


Agency: Voicebox Creative
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client: Michael David Winery
Location: Lodi, CA, USA

Michael David Winery recently partnered with Voicebox Creative to update its flagship Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel brand, 7 Deadly Zins.

Our primary challenge was to elevate the packaging to better represent the high quality wine that’s in the bottle. The new packaging contemporizes the brand without alienating its cult-like following. Our solution carefully balances the brand’s edgy personality with a more upscale look and feel. The brand mark is separated from the word mark to make it more iconic and increase shelf impact. For greater tactility and stronger quality cues, we elevated the production techniques to include two foils with overprinting and embossing. In addition, we recommended enlarging the label to create more breathing room for the label elements to communicate a level of confidence befitting America’s #1 Zinfandel brand. The new label features a custom diecut and burn texture that reflect the brand’s irreverent name and sinful personality. To finish it off, a rich red, matte-metallic capsule creates a visual connection with the iconic 7 Deadly brand mark while the Michael David Winery moniker celebrates the producer of this signature brand.