Boar’s Head (Concept)



Agency: designojo
Project Type: Concept
Location: New York, USA

In 1905, Frank Brunckhorst, a Brooklyn butcher, began selling deli meats under the Boar’s Head name, delivering his products by horse-drawn wagon through out New York City. By the 1930’s Brunckhorst along with his brother-in-law Bruno Bischoff and partner Theodore Weiler the operation expanded to include a manufacturing plant in Brooklyn. Boar’s Head was one of the first “branded” lines of deli meat and is currently sold nationally thru major grocery retailers. Today Boar’s Head sells a broad range of deli products including, cheeses and condiments. Through out its 100+ year history the iconic boar’s head illustration and gothic typography have been the centerpiece of the brand’s visual language. The classic Boar’s Heads truck is one of the most visible examples of the brand. We were inspired to rethink the brand while leveraging the equity of current assets. The result, a reimagined boar’s head illustration, brand typography, color palettes and applications across a select range of products. This self-initiated work is part of our ongoing interest in the evolution of consumer brands and branding.