Kochevniki Deli Meat

Derrick Lin


Agency: BrandLab
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Deli meat

BrandLab Moscow has developed the Halal deli meat brand “Kochevniki” for Caucasian producer.

Halal is a permissible food according to Islamic standards. It’s a niche business, so why not to extend the boundaries and invite new customers – decided BrandLab and offered 3 ways for brand building: organic, cultural and premium. Ethno-cultural idea was chosen because the Oriental spirit brings out vibrant emotions and is clear to every consumer.

Naming experts have created 150 relevant variants and “Kochevniki” was chosen as it means “Nomads”. Did you know that it was nomads who invented sausage? This name is about freedom, fresh wind and a spirit of nature. Inspired by ancient folk tales, the motto is “Living under the sky. Leading the way to the sun”.

Cultural motive develops in design – stylized ornaments, “scraped” logo and a horseman sign reminding of old Eastern coin or hammered decorative element. All labels were marked “halal” as well.

The switch from niche to universal brand gave producers the opportunity to include Ossetian pies to their product range. To make the package more visually distinguishable from habitual square pizza box, BrandLab designers offered hexagon-shaped box – one more original form in the Oriental art.

In addition to brand positioning, naming and package design BrandLab has also developed creative materials, booklet design and website.

Kochevniki. Living under the sky. Leading the way to the sun.