Tip Top Bread New Identity

Derrick Lin


Agency: Saltmine Design Group
Location: Australia
Client: George Weston Foods
Packaging contents: Bread
Packaging Materials: Plastic Flow Wrap

Saltmine Design Group creates a TIP TOP new identity for George Weston Foods’ Iconic Aussie Brand

Sydney brand design agency, Saltmine Design Group, is pleased to announce the redesign of the TIP TOP masterbrand identity and product packaging across the iconic bakery range.

George Weston Foods commissioned Saltmine to reinvigorate the TIP TOP brand, which has been in the market for over 50 years and is synonymous with baking in Australia.
The objective was to realign the brand and product range to ensure it is fully leveraging its leadership position in the category.

As the largest brand in the category, TIP TOP saw the opportunity to create a powerful new masterbrand visual identity. This has seen the creation of not only a new brandmark, but also new packaging design for the entire TIP TOP range.

The previous brandmark needed increased stand out and modernisation, whilst maintaining the quality and trust. Saltmine began by shifting the colour palette to richer tones that are less artificial, modernising the typography and encompassing the map of Australia within a lozenge device to create a bold brand stamp to reflect TIP TOP’s strength and pride. The ‘established in 1958’ credential was added to support TIP TOP ’s experience and leadership position.

Sara Salter, Managing Director at Saltmine says, “We are very excited to be working on such an iconic Australian brand. Key to this projects success was staying true to the brands heritage whilst also creating a fresh new look that would allow TIP TOP to strengthen it’s leadership in the bread category.“

Saltmine introduced a red swoosh device to the brand’s visual identity, which is almost as important as the brandmark itself. The swoosh is used on-pack to frame the window which highlights the product, and in communications, as a border to highlight products and increase the brand colour.

When it came to redesigning the packaging for the entire range of over 30 SKUs, it was important to define selling face for the products. In the past, the front and bottom of the bags were designed as separate faces, but Saltmine saw an opportunity to reconsider the selling face that is visible on-shelf and, with this in mind, created a front face design that extends to include the base of the pack. Additionally, Saltmine included a big window to the bread to highlight the freshness of and pride in the product. The window is framed by the new red swoosh design which Saltmine created as part of the masterbrand identity, to highlight the product.

The TIP TOP brand is known for its nutritious and tasty bakery goods and Saltmine wanted to convey this on-pack by bringing to life the food and health credentials that the brand was previously lacking. Falling wheat, grains and fruit were used to reinject food cues and add appetite appeal to the previously static pack design.

The GOOD ON YA MUM! sign-off has been evolved in design, but the phrase stays true to the saying that has been so familiar in Aussie homes for decades.

The result of this huge masterbrand identity evolution is a full range of bakery products that is modern in design and consistent through all the segments of the category. The full range includes TIP TOP Sunblest, TIP TOP 9 Grain, TIP TOP Breakfast range, TIP TOP English Muffins, TIP TOP Texas Toast, TIP TOP The One, TIP TOP Rolls range.

To support the soft launch of the new look range in store, Saltmine has also created an out-of-home campaign, which includes oOh! Media ShopaLites, plus special builds of over-sized replicas of the new bread bags, along with oOh! Media Digital Panels and Westfield Smart Screens. These will be in market nationwide from November.

Speaking about the new TIP TOP masterbrand visual identity, George Weston Foods, Group Marketing Manager, Justine Cotter, says “Saltmine have been a great partner through this journey. The new visual identity developed by Saltmine for the TIP TOP masterbrand provides a strong, unified look for the brand and positions TIP TOP as a market leader.