Coca-Cola Rebranding Concept by UBC:Global

Derrick Lin


Agency: UBC:Global
Project Type: Concept Study
Location: Moscow, Russia

Throughout history of Coca-Cola there have been quite some changes in the bottle design. But since 1916 they all were just little variations of the iconic “contour bottle”. The “contour bottle” and the calligraphic lettering “Coca-Cola” coloured red make the brand worldwide recognizable.

How can we combine the two shapes to create a new unique Coca-Cola logo?

The first step is trying out all kinds of diff erent combinations

The third row contains forms that look not aggressive and have the prominent curve of the second “C” in the Coca-Cola lettering. Form 4 is dynamic, fresh and instantly recognizable. The curve goes behind the main shape so it floats naturally to the shape of a bottle or a can.

The logo, printed plain on a can contains all the main elements to make the user recognize the band.

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