Design Agency: Studio DEZA
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Akvion
Location: St.Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Dietary supplements

To create two lines of related brands of biologically active additives: Dietelle – for saving beauty and health, Vitime – for active lifestyle support. To distinguish the new brands on the shelves by nontrivial visual solution for this niche.

Biologically active additives are not medicine, but an addition, incentive for health improvement. Thereby the base of the packaging conception became the idea of motion and changes. “Active” product for active people – that’s what we wanted to reflect. That is why we chose optic illusions as the graphical method.

So called op-art and the shape of the packaging strengthen the product’s character: to reflect muscle relief, – we form verges on the packaging by drawings, and to transmit the effect of the muscles activation and trainings, – we lead the viewers through the throbbing pattern to the centre, accelerate metabolism by centric circles.

Also, optic illusions force to “move and change” the shape of the packaging, which contains the product, capable to improve human’s life, help him to transform.

And of course, such an effect is calculated for attracting customers, that can’t pass by the bright “moving” spot. That is why we gave the facing pattern the main role. All extra information is placed on the dies: at the bottom for Vitime, to stress the width of the men’s shoulders, and in the middle for Dietelle, to demonstrate female waist.

The color palette of the lines reflect the product’s taste and becomes the identity element for every SKU. And the infographical language helps to sort out quickly in purpose and application.

What’s Unique?
We used the idea of motion, activeness and changes as the base of the packaging conception. We wanted to turn static packaging into changing object, that depends on the consumer’s vision angle. This led us to the idea of choosing optic moving illusions as graphical method.