Shun Sashimi Knife Packaging

Derrick Lin


Designer: Youjin Cho
Project Type: Student Project
School: Pratt Institute
Course: Packaging I
Tutor: Matthew Strong
Location: Brooklyn, United States
Packaging Contents: Sashimi Knife
Packaging Materials: Wood

The main focus of this project was to create a knife packaging of an existing brand which needs to fit well to the brand itself, also the knife that I picked. My brand was high-end Japanese knife brand called “Shun”, and the knife I chose was sashimi knife. Their package design and website are very simple and clear that my packaging for the knife needs to be simple and clear too. For the material, I used wood because I thought it is appropriate for the high-end traditional packaging, also for long-term use and secure protection. This is because, in Japan, sashimi knife is very traditional, also can be a lasting legacy in some families. There is also a quote which says, “The way of the blade is a way of life”.

What’s Unique?
Since it is designed for high-end sashimi knife packaging, I used wood for secure protection. Also, for the inside, by using cushion for the knife, it gives some elegance impressions. The most unique part I would say is opening part of the packaging. It opens in half and as you open the box, the packaging itself naturally gives the elevation to the tray for knife in the middle.