Frescon Canned Products

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Design Agency: Malvi
Creative Director: Panos Voulgaris
Photographer: Giorgio Papadopoulos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Astor Hellas
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Packaging Contents: Mushrooms
Packaging Materials: Aluminium

Canned mushrooms are part of the Frescon series of products, a brand we had designed for Astor Hellas. The brand’s name, “Frescon”, is derived from the phrase “freshly conserved” and is also the Greek word for “fresh”.

These products are canned as fresh as possible, so the goal was to convey the concept of storing fresh produce in a transparent container, the way one would do at home, keeping goods in jars on a shelf or in a cupboard. The consumer, who is familiar with such a process, easily makes the association with the concept of freshness.

What’s Unique?
We designed a custom, hand-written typeface and used it to simulate the way one would write on a jar with a marker. Differentiation from the competition on the supermarket shelf is also ensured by the actual product being depicted on the label in the exact state in which it is being canned.