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Design Agency: Vibra
Creative Director: Marco González
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Nixe
Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Canned seafood
Packaging Materials: Paper, aluminium, silky paper

We set sail for a packaging line inspired by Sailor Jerry tattoos. For the box design we chose a background imitating aged paper (like the sketches for old tattoos) but also the colour of weather-beaten skin (like a sailor’s). The product illustrations are embossed to give them a skin-like texture and follow the aesthetics, colours and language of old-school tattoos. The box also has other ornamental elements on it that are iconic of the sailor tattoo universe, such as a lighthouse, anchor, tern, the nautical star, a sailboat and Hawaiian flowers.

To highlight their premium quality, the tins are wrapped in silky paper with a border of these ornaments printed on it as a reminder of where the product comes from: the sea. The red wrapping refers to what is found under the skin (inside the box) but also the inside of fruit and other foods: meat, flesh, molluscs in their shells (the product inside the tin). The container and the contents blend together to offer consumers a quality experience.

What’s Unique?
Nixe’s provocative image is the result of a real revolution in tinned-food packaging. It surprises the traditional audience while capturing the attention of a new target market. Through this transgressive strategy, Nixe has managed to reposition itself, transcending the discount category and mooring in the premium segment.