Daddy Cooks at Home

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Bunker Media
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kurgan meat-processing plant “Standart” LLC
Location: Kurgan, Russia

With Love to Near and Dear Ones

People want to have a healthy and nourishing diet, but they often do not have enough time for cooking. Modern megacity dwellers opt for foods that are quick and easy to cook. A series of new canned products called “Daddy Cooks at Home” gives them an opportunity to cook delicious meals without a hitch.

The series is meat products prepared for soups and main dishes. Each of them is a combination of a certain type of meat with specially selected ingredients: herbs and vegetables. With “Daddy Cooks at Home”, you can set off on a gastronomic journey to different countries without leaving your home. There are recipes from Morocco, Italy, France, England and other countries.

The main color of the packaging of soups is red, and blue for the main courses. The white background creates a feeling of cleanliness, simplicity and sincerity.

What’s Unique?
The additional element, a booklet under the opener, was produced to get the customer involved and interacting with the product, and give friendly advice about trying something else from the product line, to interest and grab attention.

To help the buyer use the product easily, the back of the booklet features a step by step recipe for those who prefer verbal explanations and icons for those who like visuals.

The name of the product line, “Daddy Cooks at Home”, reflects the philosophy of a product that appeals to family values, because cooking means caring for your loved ones. The name of the product line implies the simplicity of cooking: even those who don’t cook very often (according to statistics, it is usually the mother who cooks) will be able to use the product to cook a delicious meal. In addition, the name has an important emotional component: when daddy cooks at home, it’s a special event for the whole family.