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Nikita’s Good hair day pasta packaging created a storm online when we posted it up back in March, reaching close to 2,500,000 people and garnering about 28,000 likes. We are lucky to have this chance to conduct an interview with him. Check out the full packaging project here at Packaging of the World.

POTW : Hi Nikita! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

Nikita: Hello. I work as an art director and I am a multi-disciplinary designer. I create websites, apps, branding, event ideas and advertisement. I love traveling, dreaming, technology, sharing and discovering new things.

POTW : What is your inspiration or motivation to create the pasta packaging design?
Nikita: I am always thinking of creating a cool packaging. I adore pasta and I eat it almost every day, because it’s incredibly easy to keep and cook. So I think it would be really strange if I didn’t create something about this. I think the idea that pasta looks like hair was born together with pasta itself.

POTW : Outside of design, what sorts of things inspire and influence your work?
Nikita: I am also inspired by the experiences of this world. While I am reading books, listening to music, watching films, listening interesting stories and doing many other things, I’m trying to explore the world.

I also love to browse through various websites with different content (including Packaging of the World of course), visit different countries talking with people and to discover, surprise and be surprised.

I think that all ideas are coming from the common world experience of millions of people. Such knowledge looks like bubbles in water, i.e. sometimes they merge, creating something new, while sometimes they explode and scatter in different directions. As a result we creating something new, with some parts together or separately we have met before.

POTW : How would you define success? Do you think you’ve found it yet?
Nikita: Yes, for me it was a real success, I was very pleased and happy.

What a good #hair day for #Pasta! #Packaging Designer: Nikita (#Russia) – https://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2016/03/good-hair-day-pasta-concept.html
Posted by Packaging of the World on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

POTW : And finally, what tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in designing?
Nikita: I will give you five.) I try to practice them myself. But maybe they are wrong ))))
1) Overcome your pride and self-abasement, listen to comments of other people and it helps you to make your own decisions.
2) Be positive & ironic.
3) If you want something you need to get started. Everybody makes a lot of mistakes in this world it should not stop you.
4) As I mentioned before, I like to travel a lot and discover the world, I think it’s really interesting and useful.
5) I don’t like stereotypes. I try not to use them for myself, other people and art, because our world is changing day by day.