Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Spoondesign
Designer: Spyros Doukas
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Allover / Athina Oikonomakou
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Jewelry

AllOver® is a unique line of exclusive, hand-crafted jewelry with a uniquely Greek outlook. The brand was founded by the young and passionate Greek actress Athina Oikonomakou, whose creative concerns pushed her to seek artistic expression beyond the confines of acting. Creating the brand name, the logo and identity was a challenging task as, somehow, the background of the brand as well as its stylistic references had to be sufficiently reflected – without resorting to intricacies and ‘loud’ visual codes. We recognized the very personal nature of the creations. It is no accident that the founder’s initials are the same as in the building blocks of the ‘Allover’ brand name. These two key letters (A-O) were singled out and brought down to their bare essentials – still legible as ‘A & O’ but now basic, raw, primal and timeless in their angular simplicity. The key elements of the initials were then combined so as to create a unique typeface depicting the brand name. Thus, springing naturally from the brand symbol, the brand name depiction works in unison with the former to create a robust, idiosyncratic whole. The end result is a unique visual language that embodies time-transcending codes of expressive arts from countless civilizations – while giving a gentle node to classic Greek shapes, directly recognizable AllOver® the world.