Comme Par Magie (Student Project)



Designers: Bohyun Kim, Jaeeun Kim, Haeun Jeong
Copy Writer: Jiyoung Moon
Project Type: Student Project
School: Kaywon University Art & Design
Course: Digital Media Design
Tutor & Photographer: Wonchan Lee
Location: Seoul, Korea
Packaging Contents: Beer, Sparkling water
Packaging Materials: Cork, Spray, Glass

Meaning magical in French, Comme Par Magie pursues to be high end and mystique. While people back in the days used to consume beer to fill their belly as well as to warm their body temperature, beer nowadays has become too common and make them feel full too easily. Comme Par Magie differentiates itself from other beers on the shelf.

It consists of one bottle of sparkling water and three different flavors of beer extract containing 30% of alcohol. You can easily enjoy tasteful beer anytime, anywhere by simply spraying it to the sparkling water inside the package. Comme Par Magie will be a great replacement for flower or perfume for someone’s special day.