Refit – 100% Raw Juice

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Design Agency: LION Brand & Story
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Beskyd Fryčovice
Location: Czech republic
Packaging Contents: 100% raw juice
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Agricultural producer with long tradition has innovated technology of production 100% natural juices. Nowadays are fruit and vegetable cold-pressed by method known as pascalization. Thanks to this innovation is Beskyd Fryčovice able to produce juices with all natural vitamins and without any conservants.

The product aims on active people, who wants to live healthy. That’s why we focus on light and nature style of design. We tried to express 100% pureness of product and unique taste.

The result are 4 unique designs of packaging for 4 unique flavors, which became popular in target group. Client confirmed, that retail sales are better than before and market share continuously growing.

What’s Unique?
Juices are mixed from fruit, vegetable and herbs, which was quite challenging to communicate visual.