Semi Limited Edition Label Design (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Herry Lee
Project Type: Concept
Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Mineral water, soft drink
Packaging Materials: Plastic

This semi Limited Edition Label Design Concept is combine of original label design and limited edition label design. It could be used for replace original label design without worry frequently change of the label design would bring bad effect to the water / beverage brand.

The label could be use for illustration or advertisement . It would has two parts, the first one for the logo, brand and another one for illustration / advertisement. They would be printed in one label. The part for illustration / advertisement is larger than for the brand. Design & size of the part for brand is same as original design ( logo, color etc ). It suitable for bottled with size from 500 ml to 2 L.

What’s Unique?
The advantage of this semi limited edition label design :

1, It would not effecting or changing graphic,color of the beverage brand original label design because space for original design and illustration/advertisement was separately. So it suitable to use for long period of time although illustration on the label has frequently changed. It also has 360° view angle that making it perfect for illustration and advertisement.

2. The space for illustration also possible for advertising other product. Beverage company could choose join promotion with other company or sell the label space for advertisement. Advetiser also could sponsoring the label to get free advertisement.