Creative Agency: Bluemarlin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Chocolate
Location: USA

Bluemarlin creates stunning new TCHO Chocolate designs

Award winning brand design consultancy bluemarlin has created packaging design for TCHO Chocolate’s Pairings line. A premium chocolate maker based in Berkeley, California, TCHO is best renowned for its work with cacao farmers and cooperatives, providing the tools and training needed to produce the highest quality beans.

The challenge was to transform this unique brand story into a visually comprehensible and beautiful design. To help distinguish the ingredients in the various chocolate products with flavours ranging from mint chip gelato to extra dark 81% cacao, bluemarlin was tasked with showcasing the beauty and depth of the luxury brand through new packaging design, setting a new benchmark across the TCHOPairings range. This new design perfectly communicates the quality of the ingredients as well as the brand’s positioning of disruptive fun.

Bluemarlin has aligned the designs to match the successful Mokaccino variant using powerful photography that showcases the ingredients in a singular and impactful way. The design spells out disruptive fun, with the use of bold colours and imagery that dramatizes the product’s deliciousness. The packaging also includes subtle metallic details, a reference to how the ancient Mayans and Aztecs used Cacao as currency. The foiled patterns are thus designed to evoke the intricate patterns found on currency all over the world.

The new design sets TCHO chocolate apart from crowd and the creative process was driven by the idea that TCHO chocolate is for the coolly confident and those who prefer to stand out in a crowd.

Anthea Kelsick, Strategy Director bluemarlin New York said: “TCHO Chocolate has always used design to showcased the quality and authenticity of the brand. Our task was to strengthen the portfolio by creating a new set of photography and design guidelines that would improve consumer understanding of the product while continuing to visually express the TCHO Chocolate’s story. It was a privilege to work on, as TCHO Chocolate is a brand willing to make a bold and beautiful statement with design.”