Creative Agency: UNIQA C.E.
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hero Russia
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Cereal bars

Corny Slim – Delicious snack that keeps you fit

Commissioned by HERO RUS, UNIQA C.E. Agency has recently developed packaging design for the new product line of Corny bars for the Russian market – Corny Slim. It’s a tasty yet healthy and handy snack, which is very low in calories. Natural whole grains, tenderness of yoghurt, berries and milk chocolate. And no added sugar!

While developing design concept for the packaging, the Agency had to take into account a few basic tasks:

• Creating a sub-logo for the “Slim” sub-brand that would convey new product’s positioning and could be easily married with the existing Corny logo;

• Developing design grid that would be easy to understand and will include clean background, bold claims, massive images of the bars and complementary product illustrations acting as flavor indicators for the product;

• Finding an outstanding solution for show boxes design that will transform the packaging into POS materials and will promote products of the brand in stores.

The basic concept of the packaging was born from extensive research of modern fashion magazines and websites for women, in particular from the distinctive graphical and typographic layout of the articles on healthy lifestyle and beauty. Therefore, graphic visualization techniques that have already become familiar for the target audience of such articles, adapted in accordance with the primary tasks of packaging, are likely to provoke brand loyalty and interest in potential female customers.

So far, it has been the first experience of creative collaboration between UNIQA C.E. Agency and HERO branch office in Russia. We hope that Corny Slim is going to have a successful future on the Russian market.