Georgian Gin

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Thomas Collins
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Packaging Contents: Gin, Alcoholic beverage
Packaging Materials: Glass, paper

Gin, the distinctive cousin of the spirit family. The individual in the crowd. The life and soul of any party.

A Dublin distillery brings you Georgian Gin. A Gin that exudes as much character as the exquisite georgian doors that line the streets of this fair capital.

You could say it’s a colourful spirit from a city full of character.

Look beyond the cobblestone and busy markets for the true spirit of Dublin, look for the city’s quintessential Georgian Gin.

What’s Unique?
The ubiquitous georgian doors of Dublin contribute greatly to the city’s sense of character. Their bright colours and assorted sizes reflect the sundry characters of the irish capital, attracting the attention of tourists and locals alike. If they are this colourful on the outside imagine what lies beyond.

Gin is a colourless spirit with a colourful disposition. So if this spirit is distilled in Dublin how do you channel that chromatic personality? the most obvious choice was to tie this local libation with its fervent surroundings.