Goody Ales – Good Heavens and Good Lord

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Sand Creative
Goody Ales, Owners and Head Brewers: Karen Goody and Peter McCabe
Sand Creative, Creative Direction: Sean Harvey
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Goody Ales
Location: Kent, England
Packaging Contents: Ale
Packaging Materials: Glass, metallic paper

The Award winning Goody Ales brewery ‘Answers the prayers of ale drinkers everywhere’ creating fine beers using traditional methods.

Good Lord and Good Heavens are the two latest additions to their range of heavenly beers.

Good Lord is one of their flagship ales, where the idea of a heavenly pint has been taken one step further. Inspiration has been taken from the purple vestments Priests and Vicars wear, with a dog collar built into the head of the pint of Dark Porter.

Good Heavens shows a golden pint ascending to the heavens while their wood burning stove named ‘the beast’, sits at the base in hell.

The biblical theme continues to the back of pack where Goody Ales commandment no.4 tells us ‘Thou shalt drink the good ale every day, including the Sabbath.’