Sal Diana Light

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: FAZdesign
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sal Diana
Location: Joinville, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Salt
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Sal Diana has a history. Founded in 1960, since then the company offers a range of differentiated products in its segment. Monitoring developments in the food industry and their consumer habits, the brand developed the Sal Light (Light Salt) product – with a reduced sodium concentration.

In order to distribute the product and make it attractive at its point of sale, the company chooses FAZdesign to develop the new packaging.

More than an aesthetic solution, we sought to present to the company a business opportunity. Besides the packaging layout, flavor variations have been suggested for the product, having in mind the value and its repositioning as a gourmet product.

Unlike its competitors, a new packaging format was proposed – the stand-up pouch – which besides allowing a better product display at the PoS, facilitates its handling and storage by the consumer through its zipper closure.

For the packaging layout, it was considered the concepts of Premium and Quality. Each product range has a different sea/saline image which the salt is taken from in its pure form. The colors are related with its flavors, as well as supporting images, in the case of herbs and spices.

For the development of the pattern applied in the top of the pack, was used the salt flower as inspiration. The product name lettering, as well as the icons and layout of information helps the perception of a light product for the consumer. Finally, the brand ‘Sal Diana’ appears positioned strategically in a highlighted area with gold finishing, enhancing the premium positioning of the package.