F1BER (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designers: Rasmus Erixon & Fanny Löfvall
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Content: Fiber Bar
Location: Sweden

Our task was to make a redesign of Nestlés packaging for their product “Good morning gruel”. We saw potential in the product and therefore chose to create another project where we developed new products based from the gruel.

We created the brand F1BER. Striving to always beat your personal best and perform at peak becomes more and more common. F1BER is the name of the new brand we have developed, where the 1 stands for the ambition to always perform at your best. F1BER is targeting people who have the dream of becoming athletes and at the same time want to feel good on the inside. The typeface was created by hand with paint and brush. This created a tough and challenging look that simultaneously feels nice and familiar.