Sangre de Fruta Botanical

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Derrick Lin


Company: Sangre de Fruta Botanical
Designer: Allison Audrey Weldon
Photographer: Iulia Agnew
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Vancouver, BC
Packaging Contents: Organic Beauty Products
Packaging Materials: Glass (violet glass) with plastic lids and caps

Designer and Founder Allison Audrey Weldon called upon her experience working in trend research and branding at Glasfurd & Walker, and the innovative trend forecasting company The Future Laboratory in creating this brand and packaging.

The Vessel
Violet Glass – The dark black packaging symbolizes the darker side of nature and beauty: death and rebirth. Allison chose violet glass to protect the delicate nature of the products. It only lets UV-A rays into it, which helps maintain the integrity of the natural products. It’s also quite beautiful as it appears black, but is actually purple when held up to the light.

The logo was inspired by the scarab, the sacred symbol of rebirth in Ancient Egypt. She incorporated the scarab, an insect, as it is integral to beauty – to f lowers, to scent. The insect world that acts as a delivery system, as pollinators – they are wild, and weird, and interesting and still very much a part of beauty. You may notice the logo also looks like the inside of a citrus fruit, and that there is a thistle hidden in the details – all in keeping with the life cycle of the natural world.

What’s Unique?
Organic luxury expressed through a darker perspective on natural beauty.