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Creative Agency: Garoa
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sucão
Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Cold Sandwiches, Ciabattas, Fresh Juices
Packaging Materials: Vinyl Stickers, Plastic Bags, Kraft Bags, Pet Bottles, Plastic Cups

Packaging design project developed for the brazilian healthy fast-food chain Sucão. The goal was to develop creative, stunning and low-cost packaging. Since all products are freshly-made, there was a need to be handy and easy to pack. The design motto followed what it was aimed for all Sucão branding – a concept of healthy, delicious and enjoyable fast-food. For that, vibrant colors, fun typographies and some amazing patterns were applied. 15 colorful designs were created for the cold sandwiches, ciabattas, fresh juices and to-go bags, all printed out on vinyl diecut stickers, attached to plastic and kraft bags and pet bottles.

What’s Unique?
We’re really happy that the whole project didn’t affect at all the price of its content – that was our challenge. It’s a really low-cost material and totally changed the visual appeal and personality of Sucão’s drinks and sandwiches, going from average healthy food to desirable, worth the price meals.