Bacchus Keller Wine (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Anna Steinacher
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Austria
Packaging Contents: Wine (Merlot, Rosé, Riesling)
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

There is a long way to go from the harvest of the grapes to the finished wine on the table. The making of vine, which is also called the “vinification”, is undoubtedly an art. In order to represent this art in the bottle design, I decided to use acrylic colours, which were applied on the paper with different types of sponges. Due to this application, the design transmits an artistic and handmade, but nevertheless elegant look.

The colours of the bottle design represent the character of the wine. The fonts used are classicistic antiquas. The elegant and simple fonts pose a strong contrast to the diverse acrylic pattern.

What’s Unique?
The graphic design uses various colours in order to differentiate the types of the wine. Red for the Merlot, a bright rose for Rosé and a bluish green for the Riesling. Every label was painted with a different sponge. Due to the acrylic painting, the wine has an artistic touch, without losing its exclusivity.