Creative Agency: Scandinavian Design Group
Creative Director: Nils Jensen
Designer: Henrik Walse, Mats Lekberg
Illustrator: Petra Börner
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client Altia Corporation
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Alcoholic Beverage, Wine

‘Tis the season for delicious spiced drinks! Mulled wine, or Glögg in Sweden, is a red wine made with various mulling spices and raisins. On cold winter days, it’s customary to grab a glass of it, especially at Swedish Christmas celebrations. Scandinavian Design Group designed the packaging for 2016’s Glögg release from Blossa, the market leader in Sweden, with inspiration from the Swedish wildwood and its immense and mysterious forests.

Starting work with Blossa at the 2011 edition, Scandinavian Design Group created a design concept that evolves and develops with each annual release, moving the brand into a larger context beyond the packaging design – and beyond the perception of a traditional Christmas drink. The concept is based on new and interesting places where Blossa travels to find inspiration and exciting flavours. Coordinates on the bottle guide us to the exact destination that inspires each year’s flavours.

In order to find unexplored and exciting flavors, you don’t need to travel far. Blossa’s most exotic taste ever origins from Sweden. In 2016 the coordinates 63°69’72.0″N 13°81’76.7”W bring us to the northern forest Storskogen and the flavors Crowberry and caramelized Birch Sap with a hint of smoke. The design scheme is a tribute to the mystery and depths of the Swedish forests, and the gold elements symbolize the treasure of flavors to be found.

What’s Unique?
Blossa Annual 2016 is a limited edition product in the Blossa assortment with a new design and flavour. In September each year, when the annual edition is launched after much secrecy, the impact on social media is immense in Sweden. The inspiring journeys, the unique designs and exciting flavours reach out to the design, beverage and food oriented press and blogs in Sweden.