The Good Hippie: Artisan Skincare + Beauty

Derrick Lin


Designer: Lauren Cooke
Watercolor Art: Satsuki Shibuya
Photographer: Ashleigh Amoroso
Tube Packaging: Paper Tube Co. 
Label Printers: Frontier Labels
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: The Good Hippie
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Packaging Contents: Small-batch, natural, artisan line of skincare and beauty products
Packaging Materials: Paper Tubes

The Good Hippie is a small-batch, natural, artisanal line of skincare + beauty, handcrafted in Austin, Texas. They believe the ritual of the bath and daily skincare routine should be a time of indulgence. A time to breathe deeply, and nurture the body and mind. The package design and re-branding was done by Lauren Cooke Design.

“For The Good Hippie’s re-branding, Bri wanted to integrate real artwork into her packaging. It began with a conversation with artist, Satsuki Shibuya who was commissioned to create six original watercolors inspired by the actual products. Working closely with Bri, we wanted to ensure that the products felt like miniature works of art for her customer’s home. Along with the watercolor, the tubes incorporate ingredient illustrations to present the natural, healthy elements in every product.

We worked with Paper Tube Co. to print quality paper tubes that could be reusable, recyclable and all around earth-friendly. We sourced Terraskin labels through Frontier Labels for waterproof, eco-friendly labels demonstrating the brand’s commitment to taking care of the environment.”