Clayridge Honey (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Caro Bueren
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Dortmund, Germany
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Materials: Wood

Clayridge Honey is a small, family owned bee-keeping business based in NSW, Australia. They attach great importance to using only the best ingredients, so that all of their current products reach high quality standards and are completely natural. Through their 100 percent pure, raw and fresh goods, Clayridge Honey sets itself apart from the ones you can buy at the supermarket. The rebranding targets to enhance the companies appearance and to appreciate the fresh and natural products. It should reflect the high quality and implicate a obvious recognition value.

What’s Unique?
The logo redesign was supposed to work with simple shape and a noble colour palette to represent the natural, high quality products. Also it should include the family name to refer to the family-owned background. The final logo includes all these aspects. It is composed of the Clayridge Honey initials, the basic shape of a honey comb and the illustration of a honey spoon. Also it is kept as simple as possible to obtain a value of brand recognition without distracting from the products.

The new packaging picks up the simplicity of the redesign. A simple typographic label directly printed on the jar fits the design without distracting from the honey. The small illustrations on the front side inform the customer about the different flavours from light to rich. As a special element the lid captures light plywood. Through the laser etching the lid draws the attention to the Logo and builds a high recognition value. An additional honey box offers the perfect stage for the new packaging. Fixed apertures leave place for 3 jars of honey. The use of plywood and laser etching continues the natural touched style.