Designed by Green Sheep In-House
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Still and Sparkling water
Packaging Materials: Aluminum

Green Sheep Water is “bottled water but waaaay better”. Its flagship product is still water sourced from a glacial aquifer that comes in 100 percent recyclable aluminum bottles that offer a better end-of-life prospect and keep plastic out of landfills and oceans. Aluminum is the most recycled and most recyclable beverage packaging material available, with recycling rates that are twice as high as plastic, glass and even cartons. Aluminum is also infinitely recyclable, meaning that it doesn’t lose quality or volume in the recycling process so the same material can be used over and over again.

Green Sheep Water has just completed a redesign of their still water label. This redesign was paired with the simultaneous launch of their new sparkling water product, which comes packaged in equally eye-catching aluminum bottles that complement the still water design and are completely unique to the category.

What’s Unique?
Green Sheep water was the first bottled water company to use 100% recyclable aluminum bottles, and are also the first ones to use these bottles for sparkling water. Not only that, but the multipacks are completely custom and were designed to replace the typical tray and plastic wrap packaging as an additional effort to reduce plastic use. The sparkling product will also be one of the very few premium sparkling waters produced in the US rather than in Europe, therefore saving shipping fuel and reducing emissions.