Royal Al’iksir

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Designer: Nina Romic
Photographer: Nina Romic
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: TAZ trade Ltd.
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper, Plastic

I made luxury brand for a line of honey products and packaging design for the Arab market.

The characteristics of the brand: exclusivity, premium packaging design, combination of packaging made of glass and cardboard, the attractiveness of which is associated with prestige, premium quality and exclusivity “hard to get”.

The name Royal Al’Iksir was created by combining the words ”royal” and ”elixir”. The word ”elixir” comes from the Arabic ”al’iksir” which means healing sweet liquid, and that’s exactly what this honey is.

Slogan golden flavor describes the aroma, taste and smell of honey, and emphasizes its exclusivity and prestige as a premium product.

For the logo is used serif font to give the impression of luxury, quality and exclusivity, all that Royal Al’iksir actually is. The logo consists only of the names of honey, because after the jar is placed within the hexagon (honeycomb) which is also illustrative of a particular taste of honey, there is no need for additional accessories, extensions and elements of the logo.