Creative Agency: Unicorn
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Silvanols
Location: Riga, Latvia
Packaging Contents: Medical Devices and Food Supplements

Silvanols is a Green pharma company producing natural food supplements, medical devices and OTC medicines for more than 20 years. Silvanols products are well known and loved among Latvian people of all ages.

The brand idea was inspired by the tradition of the Balts – gathering of herbs and berries and using them for treatment and prophylaxis during the long winter months. Silvanols combines the inherited knowledge of the Balts, Latvian pharmaceutical traditions and medicine.

Company offers a versatile product portfolio in different forms: tablets, capsules, sprays, liquid balsams and syrups, gels. So the packaging design had to be flexible enough to fit all the different products.

To redesign old packagings to match company’s values and vision.

The design is a balance of clean pharmaceutical style, which represent the efficacy of the products, bright colors and a touch of nature. The key visual element of the product range for kids is a lovely seal character, which illustrates product’s purpose.

What’s Unique?
All blisters are packed in a specially designed cartons, which are resealable and are unique in the pharmaceutical segment. The inner part of the carton uses pattern and short information about the company.

  1. For me and as much as a specialist in pharmaceutical packs .. this is the best pharmaceutical packaging of the world .. great idea and very beautiful !

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Derrick Lin