Willie’s Cacao – Core Single Estate & Flavoured Bars Ranges Redesigned


Creative Agency: BrandOpus
Creative Director: Paul Taylor
Design Director: Edward Clark
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Willie’s Cacao
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Chocolate

Award-winning chocolate brand Willie’s Cacao has unveiled a new design across its core single estate and flavoured bars ranges.

Having established the existing brand design in 2012, BrandOpus was challenged to build on the success and growth of the brand by refreshing the design to reflect the individuality and personality of the products and ranges. As the portfolio has grown over the years into a world of flavours and inclusions, the design has evolved to reflect the individual cues inherent in each product experience. This level of craft and detail needed to be introduced into the proposition of the core single estate range.

The redesign aims to elevate the look and feel of the single estate origin by introducing personality that reflects the cacao’s unique characteristics. The emphasis of the descriptors has changed from country of origin to focus on a more specific provenance of each cacao to enhance the sense of discernment and appeal for true chocolate connoisseurs seeking an authentic cacao experience. The bright and colourful decorative embellishments reflect the destinations where Willie’s adventures led him to discovery the wide array of cacaos that make his chocolate so distinctive.

The importance of single estate was also reflected in the design for the new Milk of the Stars, a single estate milk chocolate using a bean from Indonesia with intense caramel notes. This will sit alongside the existing Milk of the Gods Rio Caribe creamy milk chocolate with its nutty notes so bringing the whole discovery that different beans taste different to milk chocolate lovers too.

“Willie’s passion and dedication is infectious,” says Paul Taylor, Executive Creative Director, BrandOpus. “The redesign aims to evoke the sense of intrigue and adventure at the heart of each and every bar of chocolate he creates.”

“Just as a wine’s flavour will change according to its terroir, so the same is true of cacao,” says Willie Harcourt-Cooze, British Chef and Chocolatier. “The subtle amends to our packaging reflect consumers’ increased understanding of the unique flavour profiles of different fine cacaos. The design invites consumers to discover those highly individual flavours and select a chocolate that suits their every mood.”