Vegetarian Butcher (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Laura Voet
Project Type: Concept
Location: Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Vegetarian products

The Vegetarian Butcher asked young designers to improve their packaging design. The goal of the Vegetarian Butcher is to get close to the taste and characteristics of real meat, also in their packaging design.

In the existing logo of the Vegetarian Butcher, the woman is wearing an orange striped apron. I used the stripes of the apron as inspiration and translated it into the design of the packaging. I added the color green into the serie. Green is the color of nature and refers to the origin of the product: vegetable. The green color creates contrast with the meat so that the colors of the product looks better. I also added an illustration to the packaging to show the costumer where the product is made from. This because not all consumers are familiar with lupine.

The vacuum packaging is transparent, simple but decisive. I’m inspired by the method of a real butcher. I wanted to stay close to the source and the authentic look and link to ‘butcher’. Besides that, the consumers wants to see what they are buying, especially if you want vegetarian products compete with real meat products.