Creative Agency: Interact Boulder
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vice Cream
Location: Boston, Massachusets, USA
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream

INTERACT partnered with Vice Cream to craft their positioning, branding and design to wake up the stodgy, lifeless, artisanal focused ice-cream category by giving people what they want; bold flavors, bravado and a spoon full of irreverence.

With a consumer culture paralyzed by choice, we are bombarded by gluten-free, sugar-free, low calorie options. In the pursuit of health and perfection, we are constantly pushed to work out, eat salads and skip fried foods. Vice cream believes that ice cream is all about unapologetic indulgence––full fat, full flavor. 

Vice Cream’s cheeky flavor names draw inspiration from some of life’s greatest vices; Afternoon Delight, Breakfast in Bed, Bourbon Mash, Choc of Shame and Higher Grounds.

Every aspect of the brand is infused with rich, dark and indulgent personality and attitude. From the late night neon-inspired V logo to the black ice backdrop to the brand copy that expands on the flavor names.

In a world of perfect ice cream scoops and idealized product photography, we carefully curated our ice cream to show off its deliciously sensual and sinful side. The perfectly imperfect reality of ice cream, the luscious curls from a spoonful and most importantly, the sensual melting and dripping. All while showing off the inclusion indulgent pieces of fudge ripples, chocolate chunks and bourbon swirls.

Launching in Boston, Vice Cream has now started its expansion amongst the East Coast, bringing ice cream lovers the unapologetic indulgence they’ve been craving, and the conviction to Live Life and Dig In.