Company: Happy Egg
Project Type: Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Eggs
Location: Taiwan

We propose that eating a good egg is like having a breath of fresh air. We create a brand for cage-free eggs named Happy Egg. Our brand is built on six notions: friendliness, happiness, freedom, sunshine, fertility, and water. Instead of traditional paper coating materials, we apply transparent PVC materials to cushion packaging, which not only speaks for the concept of free air but also prevents collision. This innovation as an attention grabber would definitely create a novelty to consumers and facilitate the promotion of cage-free eggs.

The brand positioning targets the markets of department stores. The natural, fresh, clean image of the product, different from what we discover in ordinary grocery stores, attracts people caring about health issues and thus achieves the goal of promoting cage-free eggs.

Based on Taiwanese festivals and customs, three distinct packaging designs are created for Chinese New Year, Christmas, and birthday. Cage-free eggs that symbolize simplicity, satisfaction, and health are fun and nutritious.

We plan to issue three books, introducing the basic knowledge of cage-free eggs, friendly egg producers, and egg dishes. Consumers could improve their understanding of cage-free eggs and update relevant information through the books. Also, to strengthen the concept of free air, we use inflatable materials to wrap books so that we can easily present the overall design and attract more customers.