Creative Agency: SeriesNemo Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Gin
Location: Barcelona, Spain

A gin with the urban and cosmopolitan spirit of Barcelona, ​​caught in a bottle that reflects the purity and modernity of the city. One of the most avant-garde culinary techniques is used for the distillation of this gin: the low temperature. With all the necessary time it is possible to extract the deepest essence of each ingredient and the final finish with fresh botanicals keeps intact its own aromas. A bottle of almost architectural forms that catches the urban and cosmopolitan spirit of Barcelona.

The transition between frosted and translucent finish conveys the freshness and purity of this gin. The presence of noble materials (wood and leather) bring the warmth and tradition of the Barcelona lifestyle. The ocher, used as a unique color, evokes the Mediterranean sun and remembers the welcoming character (friendly, endearing, affectionate, vibrant, friendly, jovial, dynamic, expressive) of its people. Its limited production is guaranteed by the numbering of each of its bottles. GINRAW is a rare gin, made with care and passion.