Derrick Lin


Designer: Gina Almanzar
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: TORO Condoms
Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Premium concept condoms
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard, aluminium
Printing Process: Digital Printing and foil stamping

At the beginning we had 3 challenges: improve the retail logistics in the box, refresh the image of the brand and design theconcept of two new lines of condoms.

The goal was to create a new image for the TORO Brand, far from the taurine image but keeping the strength, fun and exclusivity concept. Other problem was logistic, we had to create a box smaller than the older one but with the same content, so we decided to kept it compact but with the sliding box. One thing that complete the premium concept, thinking on the consumer comfort are the individuals foils inside the box so we decided to keep it.

On the other hand we unified the two new lines according to the new images, creating the naming and concept for each product: POP for the dotted and ribbed condom and the ultrathin condom with a color according to the target that we were talking to.

Also, we create the foil image, we wanted to keep the bull as sign of strength and identity of the brand. We used a color pallette to keep the harmony between the different kind of products, and designed a retail box exhibitor, achieving the design and logistics goals at the same time.

The result was: 4 sliding premium boxes, with designed individual foil, wrapped outside, fast opening, and unique design.

What’s Unique?
No other brand at the market has the Sliding Box for fast openning, small and compact package, individual foils, design at the foil, individual design for each box, retail exhibition box.